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“The Cat Is Out Of The Bag,” – Mangwana Speaks On Motive Behind 31 July Protest

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services, Nick Managwana has said the rationale behind opposition protests scheduled for July 31 was to dislodge the incumbent government.

He was responding to a social media post by one of the organizers of the protests, Jacob Ngarivhume, the leader of the opposition Transform Zimbabwe.

Ngarivhume had tweeted:

The Church and Civil society stand ready to facilitate the process of establishing a National Transitional Authority that is apolitical to guide Zimbabwe in this desperate hour.

The idea of a National Transitional Authority (NTA) was also supported by opposition MDC Alliance which however suggested that an NTA should not go yonder 2023.

Responding to Ngarivhume’s post, Mangwana said:

The Cat is out of the bag. It’s not about Corruption. It’s an unconstitutional plan to seize power and give it to the unelected.

He speaks when some are also skeptical of the protests saying they sound like a repeat of November 2017’s military assisted transition that propelled president Mnangagwa to power.

Ngarivhume and other organizers of the protests say they want the citizenry to march against the government over human rights violations, bad governance, and a collapsed economy.

Source | ZiMetro News

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