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Tezavara catches muroora with man alleging to be CIO


Tezavara catches muroora with man alleging to be CIO

A woman caught in the act hiding a man she says is a fellow colleague at work, has announced to her father-in-law claiming that she is an intelligence officer who must be allowed to continue her “work.”

Her red-tracksuited “male work colleague” has refused to reveal his identity saying he is an intelligence officer, this will put him in trouble with his bosses.

The couple was pounced on while inside the house and told by a Mr Matenga’s wife [ the woman at the centre of the scandal] to rush into a room and hide in there.

Soon after being caught, the man was filmed as he was grilled by a large team led by the woman’s father in law. The development as ZimEye reveals comes at a time when the husband is away on a trip.

The video footage begins right in the middle of the confrontation with the father-in-law saying: No, it”s very simple shamwari, you yourself if you leave here and go to your house in Chishawasha Hills, where you are building a house…”

The accused then quips in screaming, ” I don’t stay in Chishawasha Hills,” to which the father continues –

“Either in Chishawasha or in Zengeza Four, in Nehanda road, at No 10760, if you go there and see your wife and there is another man inside, surely you would ask questions, you are inside my house, if this is a work issue, what are you doing here? “

An elderly woman jumps in saying: Besides, it is an illegal meeting. He said it himself that it is an illegal meeting, why are you coming to hold an illegal with somebody’s wife inside their house?

The father continues saying:

“Because here in this house, this lady has got a husband, he is not here. And this morning you came picked her up, you went and came back again to be inside this house.

“Today, this is the third time, and three or four days ago, you came in with a car, ADU 8581, you came here on Tuesday or on Monday, you slept here and left at 9 am the following day, so why shouldn’t we ask you questions?

“We have no problem with you. Actually, if you had replied to us, we would have opened the gate for you to leave, and we would have let you off.”

To this, the woman then pleads with her father in law asking if the accused man can be allowed out of the house. She says, ” is it okay if I can excuse him because I feel like those other things don’t actually concern him because he is just purely coming here for my work?”

The father in law, however, appears unperturbed and shoots in saying: “yeah, we are a little bit baffled because this is the Matenga home, and we don’t appreciate to see a person coming here, a man, and then he rushes to hide inside one of the rooms. “

Another Matemga family man says” it still feels strange for me and hard to believe that this man he doesn’t want to give identification, to which the muroora says it’s:

“because of the nature of our work.”

But if he is caught by the police who does he say he is?

The confrontation continues with more details being revealed.

Towards the end the father in law appears as if pulling back to say:

“That’s fine shamwari, I think what we just want you to do – to realise and accept is we as The Matenga family, and where her husband comes from, we are deeply upset with your presence, and it’s probably you are not the only person who comes here. I think there is quite a few guys, if you are not Linos, then it means it is now you, Kwaramba, and there is Linos, there is Chinyani and all sorts of people who have been coming in and out, whether it is the kind of work this Amai does or not, …”

“Is this your first time to be here?” a female family member asks.

“No, it is my second time,” he answers.

“When was your first time?”

He then answers saying, “I think it was three weeks ago.”

“So when Mr Matenga is here, do you come here?”, he is questioned, to which he replies saying, “I don’t even know that there is a Mr Matenga, he says.”

Efforts to get a comment from the accused woman’s husband were fruitless at the time of writing.



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