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Tenants fight over rent favours


Tenants fight over rent favours

A woman aged 29-year-old has been sentenced to perform community service for pummeling her co-tenant after she accused her of paying less monthly rent to their landlady.

When Alice Kutsanzira (29) discovered that her co-tenant Patricia Nyafesa was forking out less rent for a room which is equal to hers, she became angry and confronted Patricia.

The source, who is close to investigations, said the fuming Alice hurled insults at Patricia accusing her of being favoured by their landlord.

The co-tenants allegedly exchanged insults and at the height of it, Alice grabbed Patricia by her neck and squeezed hard, the source said. She punched her on the face and tore her blouse and bra, leaving her half naked, said the source.

The source said the powerful Alice violently pushed Patricia against the wall, causing her to bleed from the head. She cried for help, prompting a neighbour to rush to the house and intervene.

Patricia reported the case at Njube police station leading to the arrest of Alice.

She appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube, facing a physical abuse charge.

She pleaded guilty and was convicted and sentenced to serve four months imprisonment of which two months were suspended for a period of three years on condition that she does not within that period commit any offence of which an act of violence is an element, for which upon conviction the accused would be sentenced to imprisonment without an option of a fine.

A further two months imprisonment were suspended on condition that Alice performs 70 hours of community service at Mawaba Primary School and it must be completed within three weeks.

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