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Tenant impregnates landlord’s wife and daughter at the same time


Yesterday Budiriro residents were in for a treat as one tenant known as Reason Musiwechivi battled for his life after his landlord discovered he had impregnated both his wife and daughter.

Reason is the Bachelor and one of Mr. Nyauta’ tenants who has always been giving his landlord’s wife a ride to town ever since the lockdown began. It was reported that Reason was giving her landlady a ride on a daily basis with approval from his landlord.

The landlord and his wife are said to have been married for 20years with 3 beautiful children. The fire broke out when news reached the landlord who happens to be a teacher and he is always home of late because of the lockdown.

Nyauta first confronted Reason with the rumour, which he denied. According to neighbors, there was a huge misunderstanding between the landlord’s wife and their older daughter a week ago when the mother and daughter clashed in Reason’s room.

Ever since the clash, there has been a serious tension between the mother and her daughter which the husband (Landlord) had no idea about.

Months down the line(yesterday), the landlord’s daughter complained to her mother about her inability to flow during the month hence they had checks and discovered she was 2 months pregnant.

She confessed by saying Reason was responsible. Meanwhile, the mother was also carrying Reason’s 3-month-old pregnancy.The landlord was in the dark until when the wife went to one of the pharmacies to get abortion pills.

The husband (Landlord) was informed by the pharmacist, who happens to be Mrs Nyauta’s husband friend that he sold abortion pills to the wife.

After several confrontations with Nyauta, the wife made it known yesterday to the husband that she and her daughter are carrying Reason’s babies. The landlord was shocked for a moment.

Nyauta almost lynched David but for the intervention of the other tenants. The landlord has with immediate effect evicted Reason from his house and has sent the wife packing as well. The couple are yet to divorce even though they are separated. As for the daughter, she is still living with her dad the landlord.

Source | Pachopisa

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