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Ten-Year-Old drowns while swimming

A 10-year-old boy from Ndlovu, a suburb of Victoria Falls, drowned while swimming with two other teenagers in a river.

The incident occurred on Friday and the boy was buried in BH25, Ndlov Mpmelolo village under the leadership of Chief Mvuthu yesterday afternoon.

According to reports, the deceased boy Pardon Nkosikhona Nyoni left his grandparents’ home, to go swim in a nearby Malayitha stream about 600 meters from his home.

The boy was in the company of two juveniles younger than him who later rushed to inform elders after realizing he was drowning.

Mr. Morgen Gazza Dube, the boy’s uncle’s family spokesman, said the family was heartbroken.

“He left home with two other people and was swimming by the river. It seemed that he was the first person to enter the deep pool, and when his friends waited for him to return, when they realized that he had not returned, they would Hurry home and inform the elders.” Mr. Dubey said.

According to villagers, Pardon is the second boy to drown in the stream after another drowned a few years ago.

The stream is called Malayitha because some years back a man called Malayitha from the same community narrowly survived death after he was swept by the flooded stream but managed to escape with the help of other villagers.


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