Temba Mliswa Responds To Susan Mutami’s Latest Allegations

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Temba Mliswa Responds To Susan Mutami’s Latest Allegations

Outspoken Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has responded to various allegations made by his Baby Mama Susan Mutami.

Last week, Mutami sent tongues wagging after she revealed a long list of top government officials she reportedly bedded. Susan Mutami hosted a Twitter Space in which she vented for four hours and gave graphic details of trysts.

Susan Mutami accused Temba Mliswa of having an affair with a top government official’s wife. In a leaked audio, Mliswa said Mutami’s allegations were baseless as they lacked evidence.

He said people should not take Susan Mutami’s claims as fact because she did not present any evidence. Temba Mliswa said he will present evidence. He said:

But zvese zvataurwa na Susan izvi evidence iripapi? Evidence iripapi? You’ve heard one side of the story, you have concluded. Hazvirevi kuti isu kusataura hatigoni kutaura ka. Tinomirira kuti nhema, rumours and lies are faster than the truth.

We are seasoned hatinyanyi mhanya but evidence iripapi. We cannot allow a situation where people are scandakised through social media. Just because you don’t like the President, you don’t like Temba, you don;t like Chamisa or Mwonzora from a political standpoint or maybe their failure to discharge duty makuti zvese zvataurwa about vanhu ivavo zvakashata hamuzvisapote.

We can’t grow a nation like that we must be able to separate issues and we cannot allow kuti vanhu vataure zvinhu zvisina evidence nekuti mangwana ndiwe. We are politicians. We are men and we know kuti kana pane weapon ine mukadzi kungoti nda repwa asina kurepwa kana kuti ndaabuswer asina ku abuswer and so forth.

Isusu evidence tinayo. Tichitaura hedu manje manje and kana totaura titaura ne evidence not zvekunakudzwa zvekutaura neku seeker attention and so forth…

Temba Mliswa did not deny fathering a child with Susan Mutami. He however said her initial story was that she had given birth to a set of twins but that later changed. Mliswa said as a result he began doubting that Mutami’s son was his. He said:

Inini mwana handirambi vana vangu shamwari but subject to DNA. Iwe unoziva kuti Susan akati ane ma twins neni. Handina kuzviramba. Ndepapi pandakamboramba kuti handina kuita vana na Susan? Ndiudze. But akati ma twins akatomaburitsa. The next thing akati mumwe wacho haasisipo. Saka unga bhilivhe munhu akadaro sei kana kubhilivha kuti mumwe mwana aripo mwana wako?

So ndakati subject to DNA toona and so forth. It raises doubts. Ukaona munhu ataura nyika yese kuti ndine ma twins omboti amuburitsa pama picture otaura kuti mumwe wacho haasisiko. Ndoda kuziva kuti kana akashaya, akashayei, akavigwa kupi.

Iropa rangu ka. Isu tinotsvaga ropa redu ende tinomira ne ropa redu hatitenderi kuti ropa redu ringotambiswa kudai zvisina basa. So credibility inonetsa. That must be a basis for people to know who they are dealing with at the end of the day.

Temba Mliswa said Susan Mutami’s allegations that she bedded government officials should not take precedence over national issues like the rate of inflation in the country. Mliswa said:

Handirambe kuti akaita bonde ka. Izvo handirambe. Kasi chero munhu uchi driver mota 15 years unogona kusaita accident ka but wozongoita accident kamwechete but ogadzirisa kuti usaite accident next time. Hazvirambidzwe izvi. Hatingaite nyaya idzi kuti dzitore precedence over national issues, zvinhu zvirikuitika munyika. Inflation irikukwira and so forth. Tirivanhu. Tinoita zvatinoitawo. But mukaona takuisa ma personal issues, ma bedroom issues pamusoro

He said while he does not condone abuse she should have reported the matter when it happened. Mliswa said:

Kana zviri zve abuse handisapote abuse ndine vana 15 vasikana ka shamwari and there is no ways I would want them to be abused but ngavano reporter ka. Ngavataure zvavanotaura not after zvinhu zvaitika wakutaura zvakawanda. Vamwe vanhu vakashaya wakutaura nyaya dzavo. Kuti vanozvi defender sei? You cannot listen to a story where you speak about the dead who are not there to defend themselves and you create all sorts of stories.

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