Home LOCAL NEWS Temba Mliswa Attacks Malema: ‘You have enough inequalities in South Africa’

Temba Mliswa Attacks Malema: ‘You have enough inequalities in South Africa’

Norton Legislator Honorable Temba Mliswa has castigated South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema over comments that President Mnangagwa erred on compensating white farmers as well as issues to do with alleged human rights abuses.

Responding to a tweet Malema saying Zimbabwe’s Embassy should be closed in South Africa until human rights have been restored, Mliswa said Malema should instead, focus on land inequalities abound in his home country before looking at Zimbabwe.

Malema said;

We call for the removal of the Zimbabwean Embassy in SA until they restore the human rights in that country. Failure to do so, we will prevent any official from the Zimbabwean government from participating in any gathering in SA until they respect ordinary Zimbabweans.

In response Mliswa said South Africa has got its own problems;

With all due respect you should allow us to be our own liberators. You’ve enough on your plate dealing with your own land inequality issues. Such comments exposes the proximity you’ve with certain estranged Zimbabweans&smacks of an ulterior agenda.Let them fight their own battles


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