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‘Tell Tinashe Mugabe to come’ – Hosiah Chipanga ready for DNA


‘Tell Tinashe Mugabe to come’ – Hosiah Chipanga ready for DNA

Musician Hosiah Chipanga, who is embroiled in DNA tests row with Zim dancehall musician Lancelot Chibanwa, says he is now open for the dispute to be settled.

Lancelot, who has been advertising his music using Chipanga as his surname, accused the Kwachu Kwachu singer of refusing to go for DNA tests to clear the air.

He said before his mother Memory Chibwana’s death in 1994, she introduced him to Chipanga as his biological father but was now denying paternity.

In an interview, Chipanga said he was affected by the way Lancelot was handling the matter saying DNA results will help them settle the matter.

“I am not hiding anything, I am here 24/7, tell Tinashe Mugabe to come. Let him prepare fast so that we settle this, I cannot deny if the results prove me right.

“Let them go KwaTinashe. If he wants to go that way, let him do that way tongosangana ikoko,” he said.

Added Chipanga:

“He is not communicating with me properly, tiri kungozviona pamasaisai ipapa.

“If he decides that route, I cannot deny all that, we can do it that way, let’s do it so that the wave settles.

“People will think differently that I am denying responsibility but vana ndevaMwari and vana ndevemunhu wese as well.

“Mashoko angazorambe achitaurwa and I am communicating with him pamasaisai.

“I am seeing everything being said on social media and I am waiting to see the way forward but dai Tinashe atouya tibve tazvipedza,” said Chipanga.

In 2005, Chibwana briefly stayed with Chipanga at his home in Dangamvura, Mutare before the pair moved to Harare.

Chipanga then incorporated Chibwana into his band but their relationship soured after working together for five years.

At some point, Chibwana tried but failed to defraud Chipanga by attempting to change the ownership of his house by putting it into his name.

He was booted out of the house and since then Chipanga declared that he was not his biological father.

Meanwhile, Chipanga said he is working on a new project.

“I will be telling you what is coming up soon. I will send you the details on your WhatsApp number,” he said.

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