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Telegram Takes A Dig At WhatsApp

Telegram Takes A Dig At WhatsApp

Last week attentive WhatsApp users woke to a shocking message from their favorite chat service.

You have to agree to Facebook to spy on you otherwise you will no longer be able to continue using WhatsApp.

Users have until the 8th of February to acquiesce otherwise it’s bye-bye WhatsApp. Naturally, this has sparked outrage, with some influential users urging people to live on the arrogant platform.

Telegram, a rival service, has now made it their business to mock their more popular rival.

In the video WhatsApp is seen being taken for burial by the famous coffin boys. Telegram and Signal have seen an uptick in business as privacy-conscious crowds left WhatsApp.

Zimbabweans are unlikely to be fazed by this whole spying saga.

Thanks to WhatsApp bundles we are hooked to the platform.

While Telegram is a viable alternative, it stands little chance without those bundles.

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