Teen Blames Goblin For Pregnancy

In a shocking revelation, a pregnant 19-year-old girl allegedly fabricated a story, that a goblin was responsible for her pregnancy after claiming that she had not engaged in s_exual activities with anyone.

Simelokhule Moyo has made sensational claims that a goblin was responsible for her pregnancy after she was asked by her grandmother whom the father was.

Moyo who resides with her grandmother confessed that she had never had a s_exual encounter before and had been waking up with signs indicating that she had s_ex with someone during the night.

Moyo’s grandmother was shocked over the story and invited other family members to interrogate her. When the family congregated, Moyo was unmoved over her sensational claims, confessing that she saw an alien creature in her sleep and it was responsible for her pregnancy.

Her Aunt said that relatives were staggered over her claims

” Simelokhule’s statement has left us confused and in a dilemma. How can someone claim that she was impregnated by a goblin? She claims that she never had s_ex with a man, but we do not believe her story. We suspect that she just fabricated it after the boyfriend ran away or she slept with a number of men and she does not know who the real father is,” she said.

In an interview conducted by the B-Metro, Simelokuhle maintained her story and said that it was unfortunate that her family thinks she is telling lies.

” I am five months pregnant, but I do not know who impregnated me because I do not remember sleeping with a man,” said Simelokuhle.

The family is said to have resolved the to consult a traditional healer so as to uncover the truth.



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