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#TBT with Studio 263’s Vimbai real name Anne Nhira


#TBT with Studio 263’s Vimbai real name Anne Nhira.

“You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” The above phrase was uttered by Harvey Dent, in the classic Batman movie, The Dark Night Rises as he came face to face with the reality that despite fighting bad guys all his life, he was about to become one himself.

After having half his face blown off, a previously handsome Dent decides that instead of being a crime fighter, he would be better served becoming a criminal. In a country that still has a hard time separating the personas of TV characters on and off screen, Nhira has always been that beautiful, morally upright girl who, despite her supermodel looks, was defined by her strong sense of right and wrong.

Nhira herself has had a hard time putting to rest the ghost of Vimbai years after Studio 263 folded. Unlike the likes of Joyce Huni, played by the equally electric Tinopona Katsande, Vimbai Jari has simply refused to stay in her grave.

So when Nhira burst out this week, proclaiming her disapproval of Zodwa Wabantu she became, for the first time, perhaps in her career, someone that some Zimbabweans see as a villain. But she was done with that and since its a Thursday, we decided to do a #ThrowBackThursday for her with these stunning hot pictures…CLICK NEXT TO SEE MORE PICTURES