Tatelicious Divorces

Tatelicious Divorces

Zimbabwe’s popular transgender Tatelicious Karigambe Sandberg has split from her husband Richard Sandberg..Tatelicious confirmed the split via social media in a heartfelt post.

Tatelicious Divorces

It’s always good when people divorce in a friendly respectful way. Richard and I have decided to go our separate ways because we have realised that its time to move on to our next chapters of life.

We inspired a lot of people to believe in love and we still encourage everyone to still believe in love.

Our time is up and we believe in keeping it real and it is time where we both have to move on and find new people to fall in love with.

We are not people who wanna fake a lot of years of marriage when we know that there is no longer that spark which attracted us in the first place.

We are still best friends and we just wanted you our people to know that it is ok to move on and find someone new.

We had our best moments here on Facebook and we kindly ask family and friends to accept and respect what we have decided to do with our lives.



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