Takura’s advice to loose women


Takura’s advice to loose women.

In an interview with local publication H-Metro, the musician said. I never entertain women who throw themselves at me because hapana ka chandingatozoita mu-life so I stay busy working.

Takura on Fill Up HICC CampaignZim Hip-Hop artiste Takura, full name Takura Bernard Shonhai, has spoken out against loose women who throw themselves at him saying that he is a principled person who does not want to be distracted from his goals.

Women do inbox me to seek my attention, but my management also handles my social media platforms although I also get to check my inbox myself just to respond to people who support me.

I am a very principled person so I never do anything because I am tempted. I am human of course and temptations come here and there, but I never do anything about them.

I love my job, and I am trying to go far in terms of my career that is why I never tolerate women who throw themselves at me, they may mess that up.



The businessman/socialite caused chaos a few weeks ago with his outfit in America which had people grill him and we were there to dish out your views. Not so long ago he was being accused of sleeping with Star FM’s Miss V Candy.

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