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Takura sucked in Mudiwa-Stunner beef

Takura sucked in Mudiwa-Stunner beef

The rivalry of between top rappers Stunner and Mudiwa has moved from lyrical to social media rants.


The latest tiff ensued after Mudiwa made jokes of Stunner’s ghetto of Glen Norah where latter moved back to his mother’s place early this year.

The move was met with mixed feelings as some claimed Stunner had hit hard times while the rapper laughed at reports saying he wanted a new environment which can enable him to work freely.

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Mudiwa went on to his Twitter page adding salt to injury after Stunner had responded to his first rant.

“Not happy wenyu Stunner anodenha just heard him dissing me ‘Hanzi Mudiwa pano ndipo pawazoperera’.

“Not only that he went on to say Takura iwatch yespare tetichitouraya nguva.

“@Stunner wangu yawatanga haipere bho, suffer not for a witch to live bible said,” posted Mudiwa on his twitter handle.

Mudiwa said the beef is not about his comment on Plot Mhako’s post but Stunner’s recent songs Bata Chimoko which he disses him, Ti Gonzi and Takura.

“The rift between me and Stunner is not about my comment on Plot’s post, he dissed me on his recent song Bata Chimoko which I find very uncreative for someone who has people looking up to him.

“I have achieved more than Stunner has achieved I am the only rapper who was number one on charts for 63 weeks with Ndaita Mari.

“In fact, I am the King of Zim hip hop when I look back, I do not even see the number two so for Stunner to come dissing me I won’t take it lightly,” said Mudiwa.

The Ndaita Mari singer said he will not handle the issue in a more Christian way since he is also human.


He said he has fans who look up to him and he has to defend himself.

“I am not a type of Christian who lets things go unpunished, just like Jesus when he found Pharisees selling things in the temple, he did not let them go unpunished he had to beat them up.

“As king of hip hop, I feel at times when people say crap about me, they need to be corrected I am the real face of hip hop I brought a lot of change in the game.

“I was the first to be engaged by commercial brands and fashion brands then when you see someone being engaged only to get free clothes, they end up feeling like it’s something else,” he said.

“I think Stunner ngaazorore kana asisina zvekuimba he must focus on taking care of his baby,” added Mudiwa.

Contacted for comment Stunner said Mudiwa must change his name because it’s not him he was singing in the song.


“First thing I think Mudiwa akuda support because no one cares about him, I never called him and said Mudiwa I sang about you.

“Right now I am busy pushing for my new album ngaasiyane neni,” said Stunner.

Takura who was also mentioned in Mudiwa’s tweet said he would not comment.



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