Tafadzwa Musekiwa who fled Zimbabwe for the UK is returning home after 15 years. This was revealed by his friend, Job Sikhala.


He said :” It is now some solid 15 years since I last met my dearest friend Tafadzwa Musekiwa. I last remember the last day I took him to the airport on his airborne to London for resting after his house in Unit K, Chitungwiza was bombed by members of the military using grenades.

He was severely injured by the grenades to which he had to seek medical attention elsewhere.

When he left we hugged each other promising that we were soon to meet as he will be back within a month. Unbeknown to all of us he didn’t know that soon after he left his friend was going to be arrested and go through horrendous torture under the hands of the military at Kabri Barracks.

When he saw the breaking news of my torture together with my lawyer Gabriel Shumba and Charles Mutama and Taurai Magaya on the BBC World News at Heathrow Airport on his way back home he had to quickly phone to confirm what he was seeing.

I was then detained at the local hospital getting treatment and I explained to him blow by blow of what happened to us. I also told him that during our torture they were asking me about his whereabouts and seem to be interested to arrest him. He told me that bye to your country that treats other human beings as objects worth no life. He was so touched that I heard him literally crying over the phone when I was explaining to him what had happened to us.

He couldn’t stop crying until the phone went off. I was also crying on the other end. I felt lonely and isolated when my friend told me that he is too angry to accept to be treated him like that. The death escape from the grenade bombing was still fresh and wounds not yet fully healed from him.

My mind raced to the day when we were both arrested with one of the bravest man the MDC ever produced Justin Mutendadzamera. Chamisa was on the thick of things when we appeared in court charged with plotting to overthrow a constitutional government.

Musekiwa a brave soldier of the struggle and the movement is back.

He is jetting into his motherland 15 years after he was exiled by the evil of the current regime. He has vowed to come and push the campaign for our young presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa.

He is not coming to be a spectator but the force from the front. He has vowed that now is the time for the generation to speak fearless for its chance and time. He is arriving early April to be part of Zimbabweans who are fighting for the young generation to be part and parcel of the state of affairs.

I will go to welcome and pick him from the airport. It’s not over until it is over. My dearest friends lets give our great fighter a great welcome back home.