FC Platinum sign Soccer Star of the Year finalist


Ambitious Central Region side Trukumb FC coach Lizwe Sweswe said his objectives remains the same despite no football return.

Sweswe signed a four-year contract with the 2019 ZIFA Matabeleland South champions.

And he immediately said his target was for Trukumb to produce good players, play good football, and become one of the recognised clubs in Zimbabwe because of the type of football they will be playing.

“When I joined Trukumb, fine, I stated about winning but winning was not my number one priority,” he told H-Metro.

“The first team when I join a team and especially when its new like Trukumb, you lay a base so that when you start playing the base will help you on what you want to achieve.

“It’s a rural set-up fine though a mining place. I know there was football before but they are now in another division. I want them to go into Division One and not becoming passengers. I want people to know that when they come to Filabusi there is a team playing competitive and good football. That is one of my objectives and winning would come as a bonus.

“Obviously when you play good football, you will win,” he said.

When he joined Trukumb, Sweswe went on to sign a number of players. But due to the recurring suspension of sporting activities, Sweswe is yet to see his players in action.

“I brought young players because the policy was saying 23years and below. I didn’t sign any well-known players. I only did some assessments of the players that in that categories of the years I mentioned.

“After that we thought football would come quickly but it didn’t go as planned, of which it has affected everyone.

“Most people were putting food on the table through sport and its something very worrying, of course our fear is that some of these boys will go look for jobs in the neighbouring countries maybe because there is nothing happening,”

And as a way of keeping helping their players during the trying times as there are no football action, Trukumb has initiated a number of projects to help their players.

“All in all we have tried keeping our players together by giving them some piece jobs.

“The company has a number of projects, so the president of the club ended up coming up with a plan for these players to have something to do so that they have an upkeep. That is one of the strategy that we have used.

“And it is very important in such a way that it has been hectic to the players and all dependants. Now they will be getting something its better as it will not affect them mentally.”

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