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Support call for removal of sanctions, Zimbabweans urged

While proceedings were on-going, a group of ZANU PF supporters was busy demonstrating against US sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Support call for the removal of sanctions, Zimbabweans urged

Coalition Against Sanctions chairperson Cde Jimayi Muduvuri has urged Zimbabweans to come out in their numbers and support Government and SADC in calling for the removal of illegal sanctions imposed on the country.

ZANU PF supporters demonstrating against US sanctions on Zimbabwe.

SADC declared October 25 as anti-sanctions day.

Addressing the media in Harare recently, Cde Muduvuri said it was time the people of Zimbabwe unite and call for the removal of sanctions.

“Zimbabweans have finally realised that their suffering is all because of these sanctions. They are now aware of the source of their troubles,” he said.

“As Coalition Against Sanctions, we are calling for all patriotic Zimbabweans to come out on October 25 and call out with one voice for the removal of these unjustified sanctions.

“Those who imposed them on our beloved nation should be aware that they have caused huge suffering to the generality of Zimbabweans. They have crippled our once thriving economy and we are saying enough is enough.”

Cde Muduvuri, who is also the patron of Zimbabwe Amalgamated Council of Churches (ZACC), commended SADC for taking the issues of Zimbabwe seriously, saying this shows there is unity in the region.

“We commend SADC for their unwavering support, the declaration of this anti-sanction day shows that we are not alone in this fight and it is now up to us as Zimbabweans to get more united for this cause,” he said.

Cde Muduvuri said since January, they have made several visits to the American, British and European embassies with petitions, urging them to lift the illegal sanctions.

Since January, members of ZACC have camped at the American Embassy to show their disgruntlement, protesting against sanctions.

“Since January, we have our members camped outside the American Embassy.

“The objective is to make the West realise how devastating these sanctions are and also to make them see that we are seriously calling for their removal.

“So we camped there, it is 10 months now, even our bishop, the now late Mugodhi camped there together with other senior members of the church,” Cde Muduvuri said.

Earlier this year, Cde Muduvuri, under the banner of ZACC, took the fight against sanctions to South Africa where he met several organisations and civil society groups to discuss how to convince the Western nations to remove sanctions.



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