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Sunday Sermon with Apostle Chisale – “Give us our daily bread”


Sunday Sermon with Apostle Chisale – “Give us our daily bread”

Greetings beloved nation in the name of Jesus Christ. Matthew 6:11, “Give us this day our daily bread.” According to the authority of the scriptures, we see that the day is loaded with the daily bread. In other words, every day offers a brand new blessing to God’s children. This also means the day can carry curses and misfortunes or it can carry good things depending on what programme a child of God has programmed for the day to favour him.

So the day can favour you or disfavour you. But the will of God, according to this scripture, is that every day we need to walk in favour and in the blessings of Jehovah. How many Christians are enjoying their daily bread every day from January to December? I have heard a lot of Christians saying that Monday is a bad day.

Such speaking is not scriptural. In God’s economy, there is no bad day. In Matthew 6:11 when our Lord Jesus Christ was teaching on prayer, one of the prayer points that he gave to his disciples says, Give us this day our daily bread.

That daily bread speaks of provision and supernatural intervention from God. Meaning that daily you can ask for your bread and you can watch God coming through for your life on a daily basis. You don’t need to wait for your bonus, payday or salary increment. Your day can produce a wonder for your life and your family.

The secret is to know how to possess your day. You need to ask God, through prayer, to give you your daily bread in the form of promotion, divine helpers and increment at work. The Bible says in the book of Psalms 19:2, “Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.” Meaning that the day has a mouth to speak. So if it has a mouth to speak it has the capability to hear. So the day will only speak what it hears.

Now the question is; what is the day speaking to you every day? To some people, it speaks calamity, disappointment, sickness and poverty because it has been commanded by principalities and powers to speak such in the lives of God’s people.

This means the day can be told what you want it to do to your life according to the scripture. When Job was going through a lot in his life and complaining to God about his misfortunes, we see in Job 38:12 it says, “Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the day-spring to know his place.”

In other words, God was saying have you commanded your day to bring healing to that sickness, to bring destiny helpers, to bring your promotion. If we don’t know how to command the day witches and wizards will command it for us for evil.

A lot of Christians are always complaining about the day, about how things are not moving, about an interview that did not take place, a business deal that fell through. It’s because many Christians are too lazy to rise up at the start of the day and begin to command the day, remember the day begins at 12:00am. Mind you, it’s to command, not to beg.

The Bible says in the book of Psalms 8 that God has given us dominion over the works of His hands. So in other words we take dominion over the elements of the universe. In the book of Acts, we read about Paul and Silas who at midnight commanded their day to bring a release from prison.

The Bible says they prayed and sung praises unto God and there was an earthquake, their shackles were broken and the foundation of the prison was shaken and all the gates of the prison were opened. My question is; why did they have to wait for the midnight hour to pray?

It’s because these apostles had a deeper understanding of the mystery that is loaded in the day. They had to seize it.

We understand by spiritual intelligence that there are a lot of demonic activities during that hour. We also know that the womb of the day will be ready to receive or to conceive. Whosoever releases the seed at that hour determines what the day will be like. If the seeds of calamity are sown in the womb of the day, it will give birth to calamity, pain and misfortunes.

If seeds of breakthrough are planted, the day will give birth to breakthroughs and miracles. In Acts 16:25 when Paul and Silas prayed and prison gates opened, I believe one of the prayer points they did at that hour was to present their case before God, remember they had been falsely accused of delivering the young lady.

The day co-operated with their release as they were demanding their release from the spirit of accusers. In Job 38:13 it says, “That it might take hold of the ends of the earth, that the wicked might be shaken out of it?” We see that the day can be loaded with the wicked. Wickedness can surround the day but Job commands the day to shake out the wickedness.

The Bible says in the book of Psalms 68:19, “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.” So the day is loaded with benefits. It’s up to us to ask for these daily benefits from God and live a victorious day every day.

Unfortunately, a lot of Christians live accidentally every day because they don’t have time to pray at midnight. We have given the midnight prayer to intercessors while we have forgotten that prayer is for everyone and not just intercessors.

I would like to invite you to receive Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour, by believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that he is your Lord and saviour, and you shall be saved. May God bless you all and this beautiful nation of Zimbabwe. Amen.

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