Suluman Chimbetu in hot water over menacing dogs

Suluman Chimbetu in hot water over menacing dogs.

The dogs have been accused of trespassing into other residents’ premises and also attacking school children that reside at the garden flats.

Suluman ChimbetuConcerned residents in Ashdown Park have lodged a complaint against Orchestra Dendera Kings boss Suluman Chimbetu’s menacing dogs. His dogs have been accused of being a menace at Rosedeane Garden Flats where he resides.

One of the residents who didn’t want to reveal his name said they have tried to approach the Sean Timba singer over the issue but he has turned a deaf ear on them. “We have approached him and tried to talk to him about his dogs for close to four months now.

“It appears he doesn’t want to listen to our complaints. “We have also approached his wife but she is pompous and won’t listen to us.

“His dogs trespass into our yards; bins are all over the place because of the dogs and sometimes harass our children when they come from school.

“All this goes against the garden flats code of conduct.” In an interview with H-Metro, Sulu said he is not aware of the issue as he spends most of his time away from home.

“I’m not aware of that, I am not usually at home. “I will consult with my wife and hear what really is going on,” he said.



The businessman/socialite caused chaos a few weeks ago with his outfit in America which had people grill him and we were there to dish out your views. Not so long ago he was being accused of sleeping with Star FM’s Miss V Candy.

GINIMBI ZIMETROBut the rumours have since been settled. Well, the socialite is back in the country and he was at it again as he showed off his fancy assets…MORE HERE

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