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Sulu dates female inmates

Female inmates at Chikurubi Female Prison had to beg prison authorities for an extension of their lock-up time to be entertained by Suluman Chimbetu.

The inmates temporarily traded their jail woes for Jerusalem Dance challenge with Suluman and Oskid, real name Prince Tapfuma.

The inmates pleaded with prison senior officers to be accorded more time to dance with Suluman, who is the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Service brand ambassador.

The Orchestra Dendera Kings front man introduced one of his upcoming songs ‘Bvuma Kusara’ to the inmates and promised to engage them in his videos after they showed their dancing skills.
Suluman urged inmates to repent from evil saying joy and better life was only found outside jail.

“I have come to celebrate with you the recorded Jerusalem Dance challenge which you did very well,” said Suluman.

“Many people are still questioning if the video was recorded in Harare vamwe varikufunga kuti havasi vasungwa zvichiratidza kugona kwamakaita.

“Freedom is important and you can only enjoy it if you stay away from crime.

“I will be very grateful to see you at our shows outside prison walls musafarire kugara mujeri vana venyu nevarume venyu vachinetseka nekudaro kana mabuda musadzokezve muhusungwa,” said Suluman.

One of the inmates expecting a baby this month Precious Moyana, 29, said the dance came at a time when most of the inmates were hit hard by shortage of prison garb.

“Jerusalem Dance challenge yauya panguva yatanga tavakufamba takashama nekuti mbatya dzedu dzanga dzabvaruka,” said Moyana.

“Most of the inmates volunteered to participate in the dance since it was our first time to put on new prison garb.

“Today we feel relieved and spiritually healed by having more time to have fun with our brand ambassador; we wish it could have been an all-night show.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank my husband for visiting me despite my case that left me incarcerated and I am expecting my baby boy this month,” said Moyana.

Inmates took their time to have photo shoots with Suluman and Oskid.



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