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Stunner Dumped!…Dyonne Confirms Marriage is Over

Stunner Dumped!…Dyonne Confirms Marriage is Over

Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme, rapper, stated yesterday that he had broken up with his estranged wife Dyonne, who has already moved out with all of the family’s belongings.

He claims she was determined to see him suffer.

Stunner’s lawyer, Dumisani Mthombeni, said this as he was opposing an application for postponement that was being made by the State.

“Stunner is desirous to stand trial and is confident that he will be acquitted of the false allegations, we are eager to defend our client so that he can get on with his life.

“The complainant, and the accused, have a child together but they are no longer together as a couple.

“But, the complainant went to his house and took all his household property, leaving him with nothing.

“She is determined to make his life miserable.”

The State, represented by Lynnet Gwarisa, applied to have the matter postponed on the basis they intend to record statements from unnamed witnesses.

The State claims the witnesses were at the scene when Dyonne Tafirenyika was allegedly assaulted by the celebrated rapper.

“The State had over a month to put its house in order,” said Mtombeni.

“The complainant, whose statement was brought on the day he was initially brought to court, never indicated that there were witnesses, who saw the accused assaulting her .

“It was never mentioned, no names have been given to the court on these new witnesses, which we believe are now being created to come and support these false allegations,” argued Mthombeni.

He further argued that Dyonne was now afraid that if trial kicks off, she would be exposed and she was now trying to come up with allegations by introducing witnesses, who will corroborate her false evidence.

Magistrate Mashavirakure, who was presiding over the matter, asked the State who the witnesses were and why they had set the matter for trial before investigations were complete.

Gwarisa said she didn’t have the names of the witnesses, who are believed to be security guards from the hotel where the alleged assault occurred.

The matter was postponed until June 13 to allow the state to record statements from witnesses and finalise investigations.

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