Street vendors defiant


Street vendors defiant

Food vendors have vowed to remain in the streets of Harare saying they were earning a living from the trade.

Street vendors defiant

Last Wednesday Harare Central Business District was left clean within a few hours after police descended on hooligans and some vendors who were stoning shops and smashing vehicle windscreens.

Yesterday, the vendors were back in the streets.

One of the vendors, identified only as Trinos, told H-Metro that he was realising money to pay for his child at a boarding school through selling bananas.

“It is true that pedestrians and motorists are finding it difficult to move around due to food vendors who sell their greens and wares on roads but our argument is that this is bringing food to our tables,” said one of the vendors at Rezende Street.

“Mdara takadirwa mvura nepolice tikahoreswa marara ose taundi ikachena nenguva pfupi asi hondo yakanga isiri yedu yaive yevaiita zvematongerwo enyika.

“I last saw the town clean like last Thursday years back when I was still at school but last Wednesday incident left a mark that people can keep the city clean in few hours although it was not friendly.

“My children are going to school and food is on the table through this business.

“One of my children is at boarding school and I am managing it. If municipal police decides to be firm on us truly speaking we will starve and this will force some of the unemployed youth into robbery.

“Munhu akaswera akamira kumasurbubs uko asina chekuita anofunga kuputa zvinodhaka kana kuba saka ngavatisiye tishande inga wani ndivo vari kutitengera,” said Trinos pleading with municipal police and Zimbabwe Republic Police to spare them.



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