Stop complaining: Mayor

The Mayor of Harare has urged residents to stop complaining and help the council make the capital a smart city.

Harare has been facing challenges of water rationing and load shedding which is caused by lack of dams.

Mayor Hebert Gomba said, “As we are trying to do something as City Council it is also important that people come in to help.

“It is no longer about who is responsible for it but collective responsibility and the need to understand that our country is not well now.

“We need to raise it back to where it is supposed to be and stop accusing who and who: it is about playing your part.”

Mayor said they were busy trying to make the city of Harare a smart city through guidance from those who are experienced.

“We are busy trying to make the city a world-class city status through learning from others and getting guidance from those who have seen it all.

“Currently we are constructing three clinics in Glen Norah, Highfield and the other one in Kuwadzana.”

He added:

“We are also turning some clinics into caesarean facilities, for now we have turned the Mabvuku one.

“We are also looking at building more of these facilities in new areas where we gave our people land in order to decongest already existing facilities.”

Gomba said they were also engaged with private players in trying to come up with a city health insurance fund where the community will contribute a dollar or two dollars fund.

“This will help to attend the numerous problems we have seen around and also help us to increase our funding of the health sector.”

The council is also looking at increasing our budget so that it can meet all the problems that the city is facing, he said.

On behalf of the council he promised to look at the issue of late payments for their staff so that they work efficiently.

“We are also addressing the issue of workers getting late payment of salaries, because it is our belief that a motivated member of staff will deliver quality services to the patients.

“In as much as we are in an inflationary environment the council is also strategizing to look at numerous interventions,” he said.

He said they were looking at embracing technology where one simply has to use their phone to register for maternity.



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