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Still On! Holy Ten To Drop Another Enzo Diss

Holy Ten Song Dedicated to his brother he lost During Lockdown

Still On! Holy Ten To Drop Another Enzo Diss

AS Enzo Ishall is now trying his luck in hip hop by redeeming himself with the track Takuita So in the beef between him and the rapper Holy Ten, the latter’s camp says the war of words is still on.

Enzo Ishall, who seemed to have been lyrically defeated in the first round of the war of words against Holy Ten, made a powerful come back recently with the track Takuita So which was well received by the audiences following the beef.

In the song Takuita So, a reply to the track in the first round Ko Makuitasei, Enzo talks about Holy Ten’s incapacity to win his crush Tamy Moyo.

The chanter claimed in his song that Tamy belongs to music producer Chiweda, which is an impediment to Holy Ten’s dream to lure the diva.

Holy Ten in his recent album – Risky Life – has a song which he sang about having a romantic call to Tamy at midnight.
The rapper also once shared pictures of Tamy Moyo on social media and it generated a debate on the relationship between him and the Kwandinobva singer.

Takuita So is also a track with some lines with sense of humour yet carrying hostile punchlines with similes hard to ignore. The track is undoubtedly a consolation for the chanter and his followers after Ko Makuitasey went hard on him to the extent of getting social media crazy.

Holy Ten’s manager Edward Nyamutsika played down the recent post where the rapper posted on his Facebook status the reply will be in the movie titled Violence.

Nyamutsika said the reply is coming this week and the beef doesn’t cease.

“About that movie trailer, don’t read too much into it. The reply is coming this week.
“And the beef does not stop,” said Nyamutsika.

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