A number of Bulawayo suburbs have been without water since last Wednesday as the council has not been pumping water from Ncema Water Works following theft of power cables.


The council had hoped to start pumping water by yesterday afternoon but by 9PM some residents were still without water.

The Town Clerk Mr Christopher Dube confirmed the theft of power cables at Ncema Water Works which affected the pumping of water to residents.

“There is a power failure and it is not clear when power will be restored,” said Mr Dube in a statement.

He said the affected suburbs were Manningdale, Waterford, Matsheumhlophe, Ilanda, Mahatshula, Riverside, Northend, Kumalo, Lochview, Killarney, Buenavista, Burnside, Parklands and the City Centre.

Mr Dube urged residents of the affected suburbs to conserve water until the situation is back to normal.

”This is beyond our control and we are waiting for Zesa to restore power so that we resume pumping, ” he said.

Mr Dube said yesterday morning that he expected pumping to resume by yesterday afternoon.

Residents from Parklands and Kumalo suburbs contacted last night said their taps were still dry.

A Kumalo resident Mr Albert Zimbiti said they had been without water since last Wednesday and were relying on borehole water.

“We have resorted to using borehole water for cooking and washing clothes. We are buying drinking water from Ascot Shopping Centre,” he said.

A resident from Mahatshula suburb, Mrs Mirirai Macheka said they had been without water since Saturday.

“Supplies have resumed but the pressure is very low,” she said.