Home LOCAL NEWS ‘STAY INDOORS!’ . . . thunderstorms expected

‘STAY INDOORS!’ . . . thunderstorms expected

‘STAY INDOORS!’ . . . thunderstorms expected

People have been urged to stay indoors with thunderstorms and heavy winds expected in the country over the next few days.

In a statement yesterday, the Meteorological Services Department (MSD), said these storms may be accompanied by destructive winds and lighting.

“Stay indoors during thunderstorms; if outdoors do not shelter under isolated trees or shed.

“If no shelter is available try to couch as low as possible with only your toes touching the ground.

“Keep from metal equipment, during a storm as these are prone to lightning strikes. Do not ride at the back of an open truck and tractors even when lightning is far off,” said the Met Dept.

The Met went on to warn people to ensure their roof-tops are strongly secured and intact as the potential of wind gust is high.

“Widespread thunderstorms are expected across the country, with localized heavy downpours in excess of 50mm in 24 hours,” the Met Dept said.

Temperatures with a maximum of 33 degrees and a minimum of 15 degrees are expected.

The MSD said, “Localized flash flooding may occur in areas with poor drainage.

“Avoid crossing flooded rivers and swollen streams where the depths are unknown.

“Fill potholes which allow stagnation of water as these may become breeding areas for mosquitoes,” read part of the statement.


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