Starved woman forces self on hubby


Starved woman forces self on hubby

A HARARE woman is seeking the court’s intervention for her to enjoy her se_xual rights.

Starved woman forces self on hubby

Cecilia Chikurupata appeared before the Harare Civil Court complaining about being deprived of her conjugal rights by her husband Collen Dzikiti.

In response to a protection order applied by Dzikiti, Chikurupata vowed to keep on forcing herself on her husband for se_xual satisfaction.

“I won’t stop forcing myself on him until he satisfies me.

“I end up forcing myself on him hoping he might change but haambondicheuke.Starved woman forces self on hubby

“I can’t look for se_x out there when I have a husband,” said Chikurupata.

Chikurupata stays in the rural areas and demands that her husband has to have se_x with her whenever they are together.

“If he comes to our rural home, I will be expecting him to satisfy me but he doesn’t even want to see me naked,” she said.

Dzikiti who applied for a protection order against Chikurupata told the court that his wife was in the habit of forcing herself on him.

“She forces me to have se_xual intercourse when I’m not in the mood.

“I don’t want to have se_x with her because she is sick, why risking my life when there are other healthy people out there?

“The other thing she stays in the rural areas and I stay here in Harare because of work. I only travel to my rural home once a year and I can’t sleep with her because I wouldn’t know what she will be doing when I’m not around,” he said.

Dzikiti confirmed to the court that he was still married to Chikurupata.

“Your Worship, we are still married but sleeping with her is not an option ndinotosema that’s why I want her to stop forcing herself on me,” he added.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo dismissed the application urging both parties to resolve the issue amicably.



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