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Spot Fines Legal, Must Be Paid On Spot – Deputy Minister

Here Are The Documents That You Need To Pass Police Checkpoints And Roadblocks In Zimbabwe

Spot Fines Legal, Must Be Paid On Spot – Deputy Minister

The Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Ruth Mavhunga Mabhoyi, on Wednesday told Parliament that spot fines for those who would have broken traffic rules are legal and must be paid on the spot, hence the name spot fine.

She also said that if one does not have the money at hand, they can make arrangements with traffic officers on payment modalities.

This prompted a follow-up question from fellow members of Parliament to ask if negotiating with police officers on payment modalities is not creating a conducive environment for corruption.

Her response was evasive:

The discussion comes as police officers are being accused of abusing motorists at roadblocks where they will be demanding spot fines.

Scores of police officers have been arrested in the past for demanding bribes from motorists caught on the wrong side of the law, even for petty offences.

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Demolitions of informal traders’ stalls at Mbudzi roundabout were temporally halted Monday after a suspected juju case at one of the stalls.

Juju drama halts demolitions

A mechanical failure of the bulldozer trusted to do the work was blamed on juju, attracting multitudes of onlookers and giving some traders time to unpack their wares.

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