Home Business South African Airways (SAA) Resumes Harare Flights On 23 September

South African Airways (SAA) Resumes Harare Flights On 23 September

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South African Airways (SAA) Resumes Harare Flights On 23 September

South African Airways (SAA) is scheduled to resume operations on Thursday 23 September after ceasing all operations almost a year ago.

The airline will resume operations starting with flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Accra, Kinshasa, Harare, Lusaka and Maputo.

SAA has not flown any commercial flights since March 2020 and ceased all cargo and repatriation flights in September last year due to financial problems.

Said the airline:

After months of diligent work, we are delighted that SAA is resuming service and we look forward to welcoming onboard our loyal passengers and flying the South African flag. We continue to be a safe carrier and adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

After spending a period of 17 months in administration, SAA finally exited ‘business rescue‘ in April 2021, before the South African government agreed to sell its majority stake to Takatso Consortium in June.

Simon Newton-Smith, Interim Executive of Commercial Operations at SAA, said:

The focus right now is bringing back what’s familiar. Really making the customer focus and we haven’t always been known for that, certainly on the lead up to business rescue but the team is coming back with a very refreshed mindset.

Tickets went on sale on August 26th and have sold well, according to the airline. According to Interim CEO Kgokolo, early figures indicate flights may be up to 75% full. Opening up other routes may prove to be a complication due to ongoing travel restrictions.

Takatso Consortium has confirmed it isn’t yet involved in the airline’s management or funding. Takatso, a joint venture between private-equity company Harith General Partners and Global Aviation, has yet to finalize its takeover almost three months after agreeing to a deal with South Africa’s Department of Public Enterprises (DPE).

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