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Souljah Love weighs in on the Van Choga, Seh Calaz saga


The van Choga, Seh Calaz saga has caused a big uproar in the music circles especially the Zimdancehall genre.

Many people have commented on the issue and from what we can see and judging from the responses and reactions from many fans, it seems Van Choga made a rush decision to part ways with YalaNation.

People reacted to the news with a lot of mixed feelings and from those feelings, a lot of them were suggesting that he made his move too soon. The likes of Lazzie T who worked with the artist were disappointed by the move.

But the chanter issued a statement regarding why he decided to make this move.

Amongst the many who commented on the issue was Seh Calaz nemesis Souljah Love who is one of the best Zimdanchall artists ever to have emerged on the Zimdancehall scene.

People are saying he is now done his time is up but he had some words as he weighed in on the issue. Check the picture below:

Souljah Love weighs in on the Van Choga, Seh Calaz saga

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