Home Entertainment Souljah Love – Ndichafa Rinhi (Listen)

Souljah Love – Ndichafa Rinhi (Listen)

Souljah Love - Ndichafa Rinhi (Listen)

Before he passed SoulJah Love had recorded an emotional song asking God when he would die titled ‘Ndichafamba Rhinhi’.

Sadly he passed on before the song was released, Souljah Love was a lyrical genius and his songs touched the hearts of many as seen by how he is being celebrated in his death.

In an interview with the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi, the legendary musician endorsed Tocky Vibes and Soul Jah Love as his most emerging talents. He went on to say Soul Jah Love’s abilities were being blocked by his character.

Souljah Love, who was declared a Provincial Hero, is set to be buried tomorrow. Listen to the song below:

Source | ZiMetro News