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Soul Jah Love’s ‘Kana Ndafa’ song – A prediction of his own death?


Soul Jah Love had before his death released a song titled ‘Kana Ndafa’ which has since gone viral on the internet.

Many are now saying he had predicted his death as the song narrates his life and all the challenges that he had faced in his entire life time up until his death.

There are also reports that the guy who predicted Ginimbi’s death had also said something about Soul Jah Love and he Soul Jah Love had gone to meet with the guy but it seems that did not change what was going to be.

In this case, fate would not be changed even after visiting the man. Watch the video of the song which has gone viral:

Born Soul Musaka, the musician died at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital Tuesday evening.

He was 31.

He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital where he was taken by his friends, including Ricardo.

According to a doctor’s report he had no pulse upon admission and his sugar was high.

One of his handlers, Father Paris, confirmed Jah Love’s death.

“It’s true mukomana abaya, ma1,” he said

Marshall Bimha, popularly known as Wadis, also spoke to H-Metro at the hospital, saying he had lost a brother.