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Soul Jah Love reigns supreme from the grave


Soul Jah Love reigns supreme from the grave

Darlington Mazorodze of DKT Records claims that Soul Jah Love is still ruling the roost from beyond the grave.

This follows the late chanter’s nomination for the Star FM awards, which will be held this weekend in the Listeners’ Choice category.

Since his death last year, the chanter’s new and old songs have been making waves on the streets and in the pubs.

Roki, Mambo Dhuterere, Freeman, and Nutty O are all vying for the title of Listeners’ Choice.

Soul Jah Love, according to Mazorodze, deserved to be nominated for the Listeners’ Choice category.

“Soul Jah Love had an unmatched talent. It is not surprising that his songs are being enjoyed by a large number of people,” he said.

“The Listeners’ Choice Awards category could have been worthless without the former Conquering Family boss, his voice has not yet faded in the streets and I doubt it will be silenced.

“He will forever remain an inspiration to most of the youths, especially to those in the ghetto.

“He deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Since they had a strong relationship with the record company, he said DKT will continue to honor and appreciate Jah Love.

“Jah Love was a well-known brand. Because of his name, he made this studio one of the most well-known stables.

“We had a terrific chemistry, he will be missed forever, and we will remember him.”

“To honor him, we will undertake more new projects.” We released 21 Gun Salute Riddim for Jah Love last year.

“However, to keep his legacy alive, we will do something different every year.” We also have a number of tracks with him that have yet to be released.”

Last February 16, Jah Love lost his fight with diabetes.

He was only 31 years old.

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