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Somizi fires Side Chicks & Slay Queens – Watch

Somizi fires Side Chicks & Slay Queens – Watch

Since the national lockdown, South Africa has witnessed artists, entertainers and influencers bring their A-game when it comes to keeping their fans and followers entertained during these trying times.

Without fail Somgaga, real name Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung has ensured that his followers never experience any moment of boredom.

If he’s not cooking up and strom, trying out new and exotic dishes, he’s sharing DIY beauty tip or encouraging peeps to stay home and take necessary measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Taking to social media on Monday, Somizi debuted his brand new single dedicated to “side chicks” and “slay queens”.

In the video, he is heard saying: “I’ve decided to record a song describing how slay queens and side chicks (mistresses)” during the lockdown period.

The Metro FM presenter is also seen in the studio with fellow “The Bridge” co-host Dineo Ranaka signing along to the song.

 The duo is heard offering words of encouragement the side chicks, urging them to remain persistent, “lockdown will eventually come to an end and they will once again have access to their boyfriends (other people’s husband).”

“The lockdown has hit us (artists) very hard, we can’t even begin to imagine how hard this lockdown has hit those in relationships with other people’s spouses. I’m not mocking you, I’m being very sympathetic,” says Somgaga in between chuckles.

He continued to share some valuable information regarding the compensation fund, he said: “The Department of Febe( adulter) and Culture, has released funds for you guys, so you can claim for the financial losses during the lockdown.”

Watch the full video below:

Warning: The content of the video contains strong language and lots of humour.

Over the weekend, the “Idols SA” judge shared composed especially to those who are “frustrated” due to the lack accessible to alcohol.

This comes after the government has enforced stringent liquor regulations during the 21-days national lockdown.



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