Sometimes you have to play the role of the fool, to fool the fool: Chichi Mhende

Sometimes you have to play the role of the fool, to fool the fool: Chichi Mhende.

Zim actress Chichi Mhende, South African based had some wise advice for us and her fans too. The former Generations: The Legacy actress is one woman we can’t ignore when talking about acting in our country. Showed her unique talent when she played that role as a man trans-gendering to a woman and all the challenges these type of people face.

Chichi had a spell on Generations which lasted almost 3 to 4 years with the soapie before her character finally terminated. But she has played a big role and this is why we are celebrating her today. Check these stunning pictures and the wise quotes that she has for us…

Chichi Mhende

“Sometimes you have to play the role of the fool, to fool the fool, who thinks they’re fooling you.” So … Keep calm, crazy, and COOL in your own way” That said.

Chichi Mhende

“A woman who vibes with where she’s GOING Is a woman who is WITHOUT A DOUBT worth KNOWING” – Chi, Myself And I 💛. Spread LOVE, Show your LIGHT, Give Thanks 
Burn BRIGHT, SAY NO TO HATE!!! #CLAPPINGDOWN is a HUUUUUGE mistake! Love The Neighbour, Love Thyself. This is for A United Africa, And SHARED WEALTH!!!!! To the Light that lives in You.

Chichi Mhende

“In harmony with the Self In harmony with the Universe” – Marcus Aurelius

Chichi Mhende

“She is both hellfire and holy water. The flavour you TASTE depends on how you TREAT her.” – Sneha Pal.



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GINIMBI ZIMETROBut the rumours have since been settled. Well, the socialite is back in the country and he was at it again as he showed off his fancy assets…MORE HERE

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