“Soldiers” Raid Chinese Businesswoman in Harare

The incident happened late Thursday around 3pm and has been reported at Marlborough Police Station in Harare.

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However, the docket number was not availed by the time of going to print.The raided business property is owned by Obrim Bricks.

Said one of the witnesses who is also a worker at the raided company:

“One of the suspected soldiers walked into the shop and inquired prices like he wanted a quotation. About 6 other men making them 7 walked into the shop and one of them grabbed the Chinese businesswoman.

Some of them (soldiers) were wearing full military uniform and head masks and they demanded money.

This was after one of them had led the group coming in first appearing as if he was after buying something.

When his colleagues came into the shop they went on to cut our electrical cables including the CCTV.”

Quizzed on the value of the stolen property, the worker was non-committal and told our ZiMetro reporter to call tomorrow to speak to the company owner.

It could not be immediately established if the soldiers were truly military officers or they were robbers masquerading as soldiers.

On 1 August 2018, army officers shot innocent civilians in Harare while wearing head masks and the incident raises citizens’ fears while rekindling fresh memories and a belief that they could be true servicemen.

This is a developing story…



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