Soldier Arrested For Kidnapping & Robbing Money Changer In Chitungwiza

The police in Chitungwiza are reported to have arrested a soldier on allegations of kidnapping and robbing an illegal foreign currency trader at Zengeza shops. The suspect, Norest Nyasoro who is in the Air Force of Zimbabwe is expected to appear in court today.

Soldier Arrested For Kidnapping & Robbing Money Changer In Chitungwiza

According to Zimlive, Nyasoro and three of his colleagues lured Ophias Chinomona into their white Toyota IST vehicle on the pretense that they wanted to buy some United States Dollars. When Chinomona got into the vehicle, the car sped away and the suspects showed him their military fatigues although they did not produce their work identification cards.

They claimed that they were soldiers who had been sent on an operation to arrest all illegal foreign currency traders. Nyasoro and his accomplices then proceeded to search and rob Chinomona of US$1,300; $400 bond notes and R50. For good measure, they assaulted him before dumping him out of the car at near a Trek garage in the suburb.

Nyasoro’s arrest comes a few days after another soldier, Shephard Magorimbo from the Presidential Guard was arrested in Glenview on charges of extortion and fraud.

Since the military crackdown started following the #Shutdown Zimbabwe protests, members of the military have been accused of human rights violations which include arbitrarily assaulting civilians, carrying out overnight raids, raping women and girls and using live bullets on civilians.

However, the authorities have denied the charges insisting that some of the allegations are being made to tarnish the image of the military or that the crimes were committed by bogus soldiers who stole uniforms and weapons.



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