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So A Third Wife Will Extend My Husband’s Empire, And He Will Give Me The Highest Honor

How Do You Cope With Sharing Your Man?

So A Third Wife Will Extend My Husband’s Empire, And He Will Give Me The Highest Honor

By Jean Gasho

One thing I am so happy about is that since I have had my handmaid, I have so much time to just sit on my laptop writing.

How Do You Cope With Sharing Your Man?

I am just so happy that finally after years of being a busy stay at home mother, I now have all the time in the world to focus on my writing alone. It feels like I am living my dream, I once said to my husband, if I had a choice of leaving in a shack and write, or living in a palace and not write, I would choose to live in a shack and write, I would be happier there.

Writing is my soul food, so I am thankful that my Shulamite handmaid is doing the house chores for me whilst I just write. After hours of writing I like to take a break and write articles like these…

Sometime last week, when we were in the gym, my Boaz suddenly dropped a bombshell on me…

“Babe, I am thinking, since I already have 2 wives. I need a third woman to play a certain role in my life. Three has always been my number, so I might as well have three women.”

The thing is a lot of men, especially Ghanaians have been calling my husband and literally telling him how lucky he was and how he was living every man’s dream. People forward my articles to each other, then they call him and say, “Man, you are a living like a King now hey.” One of his friends had to drive all the way to our house to see it for himself that my husband had a second wife.

Well, a few weeks ago my husband bought two properties from the auction, two bed houses which needs a lot of work and renovations, his plan is to do them up, and turn them into an Air BnBs.

Anyway, when he told me that he wants a third wife, I was like, “Okay I didn’t see this one coming. Why would you want that though? How would that even work, you already have two women? Where would she live?”

“I will make only one property into an Air BnB, and the other house will be my quite-place, office and workplace, away from the children and the noise. I can’t do my business from here, its just too busy. But I will need a woman in that house, to look after it and stay there. You have your handmaid Shulamite who is helping you as you fulfill your call of writing, I need my own version of maid who will be my assistant to do what I am doing, to be on the ground. I don’t want to have to employ a personal assistant, it always gets complicated. I need her to be my own woman. The one I will attend business meetings with and the one who will be doing all the paperwork. She will know the conditions that she will be my third wife, and I will only see her during the day, and at night I will be with you and the family, every night. She will know that that will be her place, that you and the children come first, and she will be happy with that and accept it.”

To be honest, it made so much sense, my husband actually needs such a woman in his life. This is the true vision of black polygamy, each woman should be an assert to the man and bring something which will further enlarge the camp of his territory.

King David had that with his wives, each wife was an object of favor on his part.

The bible says he who finds a good wife obtains favor from the Lord.

Sadly we now live in a world that is ruled by Roman paganism and Christianity, where man who wants to marry multiple wives are forbidden and persecuted. The Apostle Paul did say however that this time will come when they will forbid marriage.

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry…” 1 Timothy 4: 1-3

Sadly we are living in those times, where the doctrines of demons are now preached as the truth, it happens in Christian churches every Sunday, but the truth can not be contained forever. Gay marriages are on the rise, Monogamous marriages are encouraged and the norm in society and Christianity, the only form of marriage which is forbidden by religions and self-righteous society is polygamy.

But I gave my King my blessing for a third wife, I totally trust him and his judgement, and I believe the God of Israel is using him mightily as he answers this call to righteousness. He is literally following in the footsteps of his forefather King David. I really believe God will extend the tent of his territory. I am just so grateful that I am his first wife and mother of his son, and I have been to him a virtuous wife, who has done him good and not evil, who doesn’t try to stop him from being the King he is supposed to be.

So that night as we discussed the issue further, Boaz told me that he wasn’t in a rush to search for a third wife, as he renovates the house, he trusts that God will bring that woman to him in the fullness of time.

He said his dream is that all his three wives would live in harmony and peace, and every Sabbath we will all come together and worship as a family with him teaching us.

And when I thought that was all the beauty of his great vision for his empire, he literally took my hand and looked me in the eye, and told me that I was his Queen, and what a crown I was to him. He said he is going to honor me in a way I have never been honored all my life. He said in the fullness of time, because I am such a patient and selfless woman, he wants me to walk down the isle, and make me wear the most beautiful robe, and he will literally put a golden crown on my head as I bow before him, and my two co-wives will be my only wedding maidens. It will be a wedding like no other, he told me. My eyes literally welled up as he made the oath to me. I know my husband to be a man of his word.

My husband said I will bow before him and he will put a golden crown on my head

I really believe the 400 years of return has been so significant in my life and that of my King. I love the fact that my husband has embraced his Pride and is now able to live his potential as a black man, without the limitations of this world.

May the Lord bless him with a wise and calm spirited 3rd wife who will physically help him in his business, may his Shulamite be always his delight, and may I serve him always as his Queen and mother of his heir. May my husband’s dynasty be bigger and greater than the ones before…

When destiny calls, it calls indeed…

The Genesis Of The Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean



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