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SNIPER :I’M BACK | The original chanter, Sniper Storm says he had been forced
to drop music for the past four years due to what he called serious personal


But he said he is back now and the game has changed. “I have been taking a back seat for the past three to four years because I have been attending to some serious personal problems that took my efforts away from my work.

“It just came to a point where I had to drop everything and start focusing on those personal issues so when I then got back to music, the game had changed, hence, we are trying to keep up, you know.”

“Finances have been a problem, we are at a level where it now takes much more for one to be everywhere and be seen everywhere than it used to be back in the day, so we are still trying to get a grip on our finances and see how we can work around that so that we can give the people the music,” he told Newsday.


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