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Smaller MDC-T is dead – Khupe

THE smaller MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe died upon a court reinstatement of the original MDC-T as the main opposition in the country.

This was said by Khupe through her spokesperson Khalipani Phungeni following concerns by ally Elias Mudzuri the ex-deputy prime minister was refusing to dump her smaller party.

Following a united MDC-T split 2018, then party co-vice president Thokozani Khupe formed her party and kept the name MDC-T while MDC Alliance rival Nelson Chamisa incorporated erstwhile allies in MDC splinter groups led by former secretary generals Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti to form MDC Alliance.

A court ruling has restored the original MDC-T into the hands of Khupe and further ordered an extra-ordinary elective party congress within two months of the ruling.

But Khupe allies in MDC-T accuse her of refusing to dump the smaller version of the party to concentrate on the bigger MDC-T’s affairs.

Mudzuri said last week that Khupe was clinging on to the leadership of the smaller MDC-T while also retaining control of the other MDC-T.

“You will appreciate that this man (Mudzuri) has been referring to some non-existent outfit supposedly led by the acting president, Dr Khupe.

“We have correctly ignored him in the past because we sympathise with him.

“Losing an illegally acquired position could not be easy for anyone, therefore the ‘fixation’ is understood,” said Phungeni in reference to the Supreme Court ruling which stripped Mudzuri the party’s vice presidency.

Mudzuri was in 2016 appointed co-vice president of the then Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC-T, a position that was reversed in retrospect by the Supreme Court 2019.

Khupe‘s spokesperson said everyone in the party except the former Harare Mayor has accepted the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“You will appreciate that Hon (Morgen) Komichi has unreservedly accepted the Supreme Court judgment, meaning his position and that of whoever he represented was untenable.

“There is therefore no need to relegate this matter in the public domain or attempt to rewrite history so soon.

“There will be no usurping of the presidential powers and mandate by Honourable Komichi. That l can assure you.

“Honourable Komichi is a respected leader of our movement and he is carrying out his mandate with such excellency and distinction,” he added.

– NewZimbabwe

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