A South African based woman returned home to find her husband staying with another woman. She was locked out and had to seek accommodation with neighbours.


Margarine Mabhena has been married to Party Ngulube for 33 years. But she has now gone to court. “I am legally married to Ngulube and I work in South Africa. I was shocked when I found him staying with another woman at our matrimonial home. I moved to South Africa in 2016 after he had threatened to kill me. We have a 19-year-old son who is mentally disturbed so I have been failing to visit him because of our son’s condition which has been serious as he was in the habit of burning himself.

“In 2017 I discovered that he had a girlfriend and when I phoned the woman, she told me to leave her alone as she was also proposed by my husband.

“When I got to my house, I found the woman there.  Fearing for the worst I immediately left for the police to seek help. The following day, my husband came to the station and promised to chase her but he never did. I’m now staying with neighbours because the gate is always locked,” she said.

Ngulube did not dispute the allegations, but claimed he asked his girlfriend to move in because he wanted his wife to become jealous and return.

“The problem is that my wife wants to work in South Africa and I asked my girlfriend to come and stay with me so she would panic and return. “In 2016 when I visited her, I found condoms in her house and never returned again.

Let me not waste the court’s time, the truth is that I love my wife and would want her to come back home. She should go back to South Africa and collect my son. That is all,” said Ngulube.

An interim order was granted and the couple was advised to keep peace towards each other.