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Slay Queens Buying Second Hand Underwear From ‘Mabhero’ Video Goes Viral

Slay Queens Buying Second Hand Underwear From ‘Mabhero’ Video Goes Viral

A video of young girls purchasing second hand underwear from a vendor in Harare, has gone viral online.

In the video, the commentator is lamenting that the slay queens and well put girls are turning to buying second hand underwear from the streets.

This is by no means a new feat, as the clothes retail market is now flooded with vendors selling good quality second hands clothes.

Among the stuff that is sold, there is an underwear department which comprises of lingerie. Some of it is new and some of it looks suspiciously worn or maybe it’s just a matter of being poorly packaged and being exposed to the weather elements.

Check out the video below from Zim Celebs:

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This is sad 😢

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Retail therapy involving second hand clothes and materials has become quite the norm in Zimbabwe for the last couple of years.

Instead of shopping up a storm in department retail stores, most Zimbabweans have turned to buying their clothes from street vendors.

These include clothes like jeans, scarves,blouses, skirts and dresses. You can also find bedding materials, shoes handbags, belts and hats.

The street lingo for such items is ‘bhero’, derived from the English term ‘bale’, meaning large, wrapped bundles and packaged bags usually made from cotton or other materials comprising of different accessories.

The bheros are purchased from Mozambique which is the main pickup port. These clothes and materials originate from overseas, coming as far as the US, Australia, India, Venezuela, UK and other European countries.

Most Zimbabweans prefer these clothes because not only are they affordable, but most of them are in good condition, as good as new, original labels, made from quality material and are unique among wearers. It’s hard to find similar outfits in one bhero.

Some of them are even new and come with price tags still attached. Some originate from Goodwill organizations and are meant for donations while some are meant for resale at cheaper prices.

One can even find original mainstream labels like Gucci, Dolce and Gabanna, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga among the clothes, shoes and bags in bheros.

At the end of the day it’s a win, win situation for the buyer and seller.

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