Home Entertainment Slay Queen To hold #AllWhiteParty After Partying At Ginimbi’s

Slay Queen To hold #AllWhiteParty After Partying At Ginimbi’s

Slay Queen To hold #AllWhiteParty After Partying At Ginimbi's

. . .From the praise and worship girl

I surely had a great time at the Ginimbi mansion he is so humble and good in personalizing his guests. I have always heard stories about how he became rich, Club Sankayi ,his crib ,all white parties, cars and all.

I really wanted to be at that party and see for myself.I wouldn’t miss this opportunity for anything. What an eye opening and exciting heartfelt experience it was.

I leant so much as im always open to learn and feel so inspired.You missed out if you were not there .Next time I am in Zimbabwe ,I am hosting the All White Party at my house.

I am going to have a house like that soon because I am that inspired.I had to use 5 modes of transport to get to Harare Domboshawa,lol .Ah, for now regai ndichimboenda kumusha guys ndombonoona hama neshamwari.

Will be back later to share my 5 modes of transport journey to Harare


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