Home Tech Six super reasons to buy the Huawei nova 8i

Six super reasons to buy the Huawei nova 8i

Six super reasons to buy the Huawei nova 8i

Six super reasons to buy the Huawei nova 8i

As if smartphones weren’t already a big enough part of our lives, the pandemic and its resulting lockdowns have made many people more reliant than ever on their gadgets. Good thing then that tech giant Huawei has just unveiled its snazzy new offering, the nova 8i, a phone that is not just smart but rather super.

Designed to continue the nova series’ appeal to a youthful market, the 8i boasts a long list of new features, but we’ve picked out six we think are worth shouting about.

1. Super charging
Yes, say goodbye to that low battery alert. The nova 8i will fully charge your phone in just 38 minutes, using the original Huawei 66W SuperCharge adapter and cable. Only have time for a quick cup of coffee? In 20 minutes your 8i will be up to 60% charged — and it’ll last longer too. On top of the built-in 4300 mAh battery, Huawei’s used some clever power-saving AI algorithms to optimise battery life giving you 39.2 hours of chatting to your bae or 16.85 hours of watching videos on TikTok…

2. Super camera
If you love creating noteworthy content for social media, you’ll love the nova 8i’s quad camera set-up. With four different lenses doing duty, you’ll be covered for all kinds of snapping, including night photography, macro shots, wide angles and more. The 64MP main camera leads the pack with its remarkable ability to capture crystal clear details, while the 120° ultra-wide-angle camera allows you to get more into your frame. The depth camera uses powerful AI to blur the background and help you stand out from the crowd. The 16MP front camera will appeal to selfie lovers with its innovative beauty algorithm capturing every detail through AI-powered facial contouring.

3. Super stylish
The nova 8i is a looker, set apart by its edgeless 6.67-inch display. Sure, this makes the smartphone look sleeker thanks to the 4D curvature, giving it rounded edges and an ultra-smooth feel in your hand. However, it’s smarter than that. The super-narrow bezels around the phone mean there’s more screen to see whether you’re browsing or watching videos — it has a 94.7% screen-to-body ratio. For late-night surfers, the Enhanced Eye Comfort feature is an added bonus that filters out excessive blue light, meaning your eyes don’t get tired as quickly.

4. Super storage
You’ll need somewhere to put all those amazing photos and videos you’re going to take (apart from Insta!). The Huawei nova 8i packs 128GB of internal storage space meaning there’s also plenty of room left to load games and music. In fact, the 8i’s storage could hold 10,000 songs or 900 hours of your favourite TV series — in HD. The 8GB RAM means whether you’re streaming, gaming or just switching between all your favourite social apps, your nova runs smoothly.

5. Super apps
Huawei has its own AppGallery where you can search, download, share and manage all your apps — think of it as a boutique for apps. As a nova 8i user, you get exclusive access to special offers, unique content and activities happening in your area. The great thing is the AppGallery is constantly being updated so you get a varied experience that’s innovative and secure.

6. MeeTime HD calls
What’s super about this feature is that it means your video chats with friends and family can happen uninterrupted, and they’ll be more entertaining. MeeTime lets you call another Huawei device even if there’s a weak connection. You can share your screen and even add doodles and notes to it while on your video call. Time to start convincing your closest friends to buy a Huawei …

The Huawei nova 8i is in line with the company’s aspiration to let younger consumers enjoy the fun and convenience of technology. It has a host of exciting new features in addition to the upgrades to storage, cameras and design.

To discover more reasons to buy it, visit the Huawei online store.

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