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Single Puts Mudiwa Hood Atop!

Single Puts Mudiwa Hood Atop!

CHRISTIAN hip-hop superstar Mudiwa is back at the top of the game with the release of the single The Most High God, which has since been publicly endorsed by fellow artiste, Jah Prayzah.

The audio was dropped on April 3 on YouTube, and amid the instant popularity of the track, Mudiwa is splashing US$1 500 to winners of a dance and lip-sync competition.

Other musicians simply open up challenges where fans record themselves and submit video clips.

“The US$1 000 is for dancers, US$500 for the lip-sync battle, at least while the people are doing it for fun there is a reward to look forward to, after all the efforts on their side. The winners will take part in the official video,” said Mudiwa.

Asked what he intends to achieve with the competition, he said:

“Zimbabwean people need entertainment and activities for fun too rather than tolerating fights that we witness everyday on different live broadcasts. This will bring back the show memories we experienced at school.”

The new track is somewhat different from Mudiwa’s previous projects and the good feedback so far might be a sign that people have finally accepted him or they have no option.

“It is a dance song, in which I was singing, something unusual for a rapper, and the feedback so far has been very good and I would love to think that people have finally accepted me and also good work is always loved.”

QUESTION: What is The Most High God about?

ANSWER: We, as a nation or the world at large, have gone through a lot, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, but God has been faithful to me and others who choose to open up. You cannot say we are still alive because we are wise, no! His Grace has been sufficient. Example, Africans can’t claim to have the best hospitals, but look, even the pandemic stats prove we had the least negative impact, God intervened. Again I praise Him for that! So Most High God is a multi-lingual celebratory song.

“I sang in Swahili, Ndebele, Shona, Zulu, Portuguese and English to cater for the whole Southern region and English to have an international appeal.

Q: What inspired you to come up with the track?

A: I am who I am now because of God’s grace and love. We always pray asking God for help and commanding him to bless us, yet we rarely find time to celebrate, praise and worship him for who he is. This is purely a praise song, giving God glory for how faithful he has been in my life and others.

Q: What is the significance of a top artiste like Jah Prayzah publicly endorsing your track?

A: It came as a surprise. Jah Prayzah is the biggest artiste in Zimbabwe for me and stats wise. For him to come out so open and endorse this track is so encouraging. I believe there are two outstanding artistes in Zimbabwe; Jah Prayzah and Winky D.

Alick Macheso is in his own league and can’t be compared. To have any of these three say anything, it will be a huge boost for And Jah Prayzah is such a talented legend, I was so happy when I saw the post.

Q: Do you feel you have achieved your dream as a gospel musician?

A: Materially, yes. I have won 30 awards to date, bought houses, commercial properties, cars you name it, travelled to all parts I ever dreamt of going to, performed for 100 000 plus crowd during Judgement Night Conferences.

But spiritually, I am yet to impact more youths and bring them to Christ. It is a long long way, there I am still lagging behind, but am working on it.

Q: You are also into charity work, is it a sign that you have money?

A: No, it is a true sign that God guides my path. I hate to even be referred to as mbinga. I hate it. I do not have money, but I am comfortable, I am still yet to get to where I envisioned when I was young, to become a giver of millions not just the status.

Q: As a gospel artiste, who are some of the people that you look up to in Zimbabwe alone?

A: In no particular order – Ambassador Uebert Angel, Prophet Makandiwa, Prophet Magaya, Pastor Charles Charamba, AFM president Amon Dubie Madawo, Baba Guti, Prophet Passion, Bishop Tudor, Apostle Java, Evangelist Muparinga, Apostle Dr Chirisa, Pastor Dr Ohizu, Apostle Mujeye (RIM), Apostle Kudita, Dr Shana, Apostle Chipoyera, Apostle Nyathi,

Apostle Vutabwashe, Apostle Chiwenga, Apostle George, Prophet Rwambiwa, Prophet Edd Branson, Apostle Enrico Marverick Sibanda, Pastor Ruth Musarurwa, Pastor Sasa and Pastor Ara jus to mention a few and all other Men of God advancing the word of God.

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