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Singer Michael Mahendere clinches regional award

Minister Mahendere ZIMETRO

Singer Michael Mahendere clinches regional award.

For a man who is not new to winning regional and international awards, Mahendere says staying humble and grounded is a greater part of his persona. I thank the Lord every day for the awards and the recognition that l’m getting from my country and internationally. All this would have not been possible if I was not under the Lord’s wing and having a supporting wife and family,” said Mahendere.

Minister MahendereThe awards keep on rolling! For musician and Minister Michael Mahendere, the sky is the limit with yet another regional gong — the 2019 Outstanding Male Minister — that he bagged at the Maranatha Awards in Nairobi Kenya recently. Mahendere, a well-known Praise and Worship music star is a product of the United Family International Church (Ufic) gospel music ministry.

Mahendere says winning the Maranatha Awards is testimony that he is playing his part as a musician to spread the word of God and spiritually assisting those in need of guidance.

“I’m grateful to my mentors and spiritual leaders at my church for giving me direction as music ministers through the special teaching of the word of God,” he said.

In the past he has won the Ingoma Award in South Africa, the Zim Achievers Award in the United Kingdom as well as a number of gongs on the local scene.

Last year, while celebrating 24 years in music, Mahendere’s song, Mweya Mutsvene of the Getting Personal with God 2 album, reached one million views on YouTube.

At the time, the musician attributed his song reaching one million views to a robust marketing drive that aimed to reach all corners of the world and that his music had matured over the years in terms of quality, content and impact to his fans.



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