Songbird Vimbai Zimuto, who plies her trade in Netherlands, reckons most Zimbabwean women are not free to express themselves sxually.


The former Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi and Tanga wekwa Sando percussionist and backing vocalist, urges couples to spare time for steamy sx ‘bouts’ despite their busy schedules working for the family to save their marriages.

She opened up to H-Metro after she released an accompanying video to her romantic single – Hakuna Kwaunoenda – which has erotic scenes that have sparked debate.

So explicit and erotic are some of the scenes that Vimbai has become a hot subject with social media users.

Some have been condemning the erotic scenes while others have praised her for setting new trends.

Vimbai, who exclusively opened up about her love life in a recent edition of H-Metro, also clarified some of the questions which have been trending on social media.


The Chitungwiza bred diva says the video was a bit special as she tackled sex, a subject where males have a strong say.

“In our society, women are not free to express themselves sexually because males are dominant when it comes to making decisions.

“As life evolves, you realise that women have so much power that we are not using to our advantage,” said the versatile diva.

Giving reference to her new video, Vimbai said she was addressing issues hurting working couples’ marriages.

“In the video, the woman and husband are both working and having sx just because they are married.

“Owing to their demanding schedules, they no longer enjoy sx as they used to do and the woman, decided to sit and talk about it.

“It appears most couples are just having sex because it’s part of marriage; pane imwe sexual encounter yekuti you are yearning for each other especially kana vanhu vave mumarriage kwemakore.

“It’s a typical Zimbabwean story, which if taken into practice ma small house anoparara.”


“The male character is Jasper Mandizera. He is a brilliant designer with a label called Shona.

“He is also good looking and out of all the male artists in Zimbabwe, it was very difficult to find a male character to play that role on camera.

“He is such a professional and we have plenty of erotic scenes that I will not post on social media.”

While some social media users have been blasting her for erotic scenes in the video, Vimbai says her family wasn’t bothered.

“I have an educated family with a 21st century mindset; they just know who I am and they have been supportive.

“When I posted it on social media, they told me that I had done them proud and that I had a set certain bar which some people would not understand,” said Vimbai.


The mother of two girls said she also got the blessings of her fiancé who was also on the scene when they shot the video.

“Of course I had my fiancé’s blessings; he is an artiste in his own right who understands what it means standing before the camera naked.

“He was actually there when I was shooting the video and he would tell Jasper how to hold me to ensure the script comes out the way we wanted it.

“I had Simba Gee and his colleague at the scene when we shot as well as my make-up artist Daisy who came along with her fiancé.

“My boyfriend was supporting me all the way; it was really interesting.”

She also revealed the cost of the video, which was shot in Harare when Vimbai was back home on vacation.

“This video cost me roughly $2500. I had to book the hotel, I had to buy costumes, and the shoes alone cost $95.

“If I look at everything I used, it will come up to $2500. It was shot in Harare in three days,” said Vimbai who shot the video at Cresta Lodge Msasa, Juwela’s House, Angwa City and White Room in Belgravia.

Asked how it was behind the scenes considering the nature of the video, Vimbai explained:

“When you are working the last people you are worried are those behind the scenes because they want a perfect thing.

“As for the artist, all you want is a perfect thing to give to people out there.

“People care about what it is going to look like in the video so it’s not about the people behind the scenes; it’s more to do with the end result or end product.

“There were a lots of fights, disagreements, tension and sometimes laughing points and we had to give a good product to the people.”

For the benefit of those not in the know, Vimbai Zimuto aka Vee Kay was born on the 19th of October.

She was born and bred in Zengeza, Chitungwiza, being the first born in a family of two – a boy and girl.

She attended Zengeza 8 Primary School, Zengeza 1 High School where she completed her Ordinary Level in 2000.

She was raised by her grandmother – Gogo Madziva

Musically, she was inspired by Oliver Mtukudzi, the late Chiwoniso Maraire and Brenda Fassie.

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