Home Celebs Simphiwe Ngema speaks on being older than her hubby

Simphiwe Ngema speaks on being older than her hubby

Simphiwe Ngema speaks on being older than her hubby

They simply said the spirit never grows old no matter how old the body gets but this is the opposite of how the actress Simphiwe Ngema feels.

Simphiwe Ngema said that she feels like an old soul. She first posted what seem to be a post from somewhere saying, “we’re not our age we’re our energy”.

She explained that this is true because she has gone through a lot and it makes her feel old even though her body doesn’t show.

Tino Chinyani's Baby moma, child almost died - Simz Ngema opens up

“I’ve always felt like an old soul, like I’m older than my age and my life experiences also just made it worse. We are truly not our age but our energy and life experience”, she wrote.

The mother-of-one recently shared how she had a tough pregnancy and almost lost her life during labour.

Before she met her current baby daddy, Tino Chinyani, she lost her husband in an attempted hijacking just two months after their wedding, making her a widow at 27.

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