Should the marriage certificate carry an Expiry Date?


Should the marriage certificate carry an Expiry Date?

The idea being to ‘liberate’ some husbands and some wives who are literally on ‘Robin Island’ type of marriage or where unions have much become like imprisonment.


This may induce laughter then extreme anger as it steeps and sink in. There is this other person, a fellow human being who thinks the Marriage Certificate should have an expiry date, yes, expiry so and so year.

If a big print clause like ‘Expiry date —– from date of the marriage consummation’ could be incorporated on the Marriage Certificate.

Weirder this happening, even suggestions for civil partnerships are nationally popping up. A spouse who feels steam has run out either by omission or commission can opt out at expiry of the marriage contract.

Of course we still have the bible supported divorce after adultery has been committed and evidenced. But do not forget the civil partnership that seeks to legitimize ‘small housing’ ventures. Ten years or twenty years contracts would be appropriate.

Where things and issues have become haywire and both husband and wife are sleeping with one eye open afraid of each other, one can legally walk out of the matrimonial home with no qualms of guilt. If things are working hallelujah, why not renew the contract for another ten years?

After two renewals, then its advisable to wait for God or until death do us part. Did I throw a cat among the pigeons? A backlash, but from where, since some women can hardly wait? Did I cause adrenaline rush? Maybe yes and maybe not since many spouses are prisoners in their own homes.

Some husbands and wives have long lost nocturnal company of their better half. Do we need to hold a referendum or not? Who will renew the marriage contract? One, two, oooh only that? Tondorindo. Matepatepa.

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