Home Celebs Shona Ferguson allegedly had a baby with ex-Generations actress Kagiso Rakosa

Shona Ferguson allegedly had a baby with ex-Generations actress Kagiso Rakosa

Shona Ferguson allegedly had a baby with ex-Generations actress Kagiso Rakosa

Shona Ferguson allegedly had a baby with ex-Generations actress Kagiso Rakosa

Well, social media can thrust one into stardom and at the same time, it can ruin one’s career of a lifetime.

Of late, Shona Ferguson has seen himself trending for the wrong reasons, and rumours have it that he has a baby with former Generations star actress Kagiso Rakosa, who played the might of Sharon, from 2005-2011.

Many questions have been asked about whether the two were an item or not back then but the two have not denied nor accepted their affair.

After her disastrous exit from Generations, which Mzansi thinks Connie Ferguson had a hand in, she went awol. But where is Kagiso Rakosa now?

Word on the street has it that Sharon was shown the exit door from the Generations cast after she was drawn into a nasty affair with Shona Ferguson.

It is said the two even have a baby together. After her exit from Generations, she starred as Andiswa Mlaba, the sister of Detective Lungi Mlaba (played by Bonnie Mbuli), on the eKasi+ investigator show Arrangement Traffic!, in 2014.

Sharon hasn’t been seen on TV and the fans are wondering where she is since she was never seen. A few months ago there are tales that were coursing.

Rumours had it that Rakosa had an unsanctioned romance with Connie Ferguson’s better half, Shona. Rumours say that there might be a child involved.

This is not the first time the Shona and Kagiso affair has sparked uproar on social media. Back then in 2010, the two made all sorts of headlines when their alleged affair went viral.

This time around fans have come out guns blazing for Connie Ferguson, whom they believe was privy to Rakosa’s downfall.

However, fans are theorizing that Connie Ferguson utilized her ability to boycott her for engaging in extramarital relations with her significant other.

Back then before she went MIA, Rakosa was poised as the fastest rising star and most promising star actress. One Generation won her a great deal and fans were heartbroken when she vanished.

Here are some of the tweets that flooded the comment section after a tweet user popped the question about Sharon’s whereabouts.

@louisemoks. Do you mean this lady? Some time ago she was in the news to have an alleged affair with Mr Ferguson. I don’t recall seeing her in anything since then.

@mzansibarbie. Maybe she made karabo angry when she got pregnant and got alienated from tv

@Cand_Ziziba. She slept with the wrong person bavela bamcima tututu kwiIndustry.

@uNtando_yenkosi. Umthakathi @Connie_Ferguson wavalela omunye umtwana amasango. You can send me your lawyers.


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